Top: Teclayr Bra Top Bottom: Teclayr Everyday Short An Interview with Jessica Kelly LA based Jessica Kelly was a late bloomer who didn’t start going to the gym until her early 30’s. Little by little she discovered yoga, which opened up a whole new world of health and fitness. From there she moved to CrossFit and now at 42, is the strongest she has ever been in her life. On training I train for a lot of different reasons. It reminds me how strong I am. Even on a bad day, it reminds me who I am. It’s such a mental game for me. Am I going to be able to do it today? If I can’t, am I going...

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Change How You Live

A baby born in Canada today has an average lifespan of 89 years. That takes us to 2105. What if when that baby was born there was calendar on the nursery wall counting down to 2105? I think the choices they would make might be very different in how they lived their life. But we don’t look at life as being a finite or that things are counting down. So when I look at my life and I realize I’m reaching the halfway mark, I ask myself “now what?” I want to believe there is something beyond what we are doing now. Does it scare me a little bit? Yeah. But I believe we are all here to serve a...

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